Schema definition


DbTable category = DbTable("category")..varchar("name", unique: true);
DbTable product = DbTable("product")
   ..varchar("name", unique: true)
  ..boolean("bool", defaultValue: true)
   ..foreignKey("category", onDelete: OnDelete.cascade);

Parameters for the column constructors:

name:String the name of the column

Optional parameters:

unique:bool if the column must be unique
nullable:bool if the column can be null
defaultValue:dynamic (depending on the row type: integer if the row is integer for example) the default value of a column
check:String a check constraint: ex:
DbTable("table")..integer("intname", check="intname>0");

Note: the foreignKey must be placed after the other fields definitions

Create an index on a column:


Unique together constraint:

   ..uniqueTogether("name", "number");


Initialize the database with a schema:

db.init(path: "mydb.sqlite", schema: <DbTable>[category, product]);

Check if the database has a schema:

final bool hasSchema = db.hasSchema()  // true or false;

Get a table schema:

final DbTable productSchema = db.schema.table("product");

Check if a table is in the schema:

final bool tableExists = db.schema.hasTable("product");

Check if a table has a column:

final bool columnExists = db.schema.table("product").hasColumn("name");